Why You Need a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep Like Your Health Depends On It, Because It Does

Woman sleeping at computer needs a good night's sleep on a good pillow

Good sleep is a life-saver. Our minds and bodies recharge when we maintain a regular sleep schedule and have a sufficient amount of rest to meet our individual needs.  

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How to Build a Pillow Fort

Kids Home for the Holidays? Help them Build a Great Fort with Bedding Pillows, Blankets, Sheets and Cushions!

Hovel decorated with garland for children's party at home

Sometimes you want to relive the good old days, or you want your kids to have some fun inside a spectacular artificial dungeon.

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Create Warm Memories with the Gift of a Luxury Spa Robe

Bring Fuzzy and Warm Home for the Holidays

Happy couple opening gifts under the Christmas tree taking a new puppy out of a gift wrapped box

Except for maybe a puppy, nothing is cuddlier for the holidays than a brand new, cozy and warm luxury spa robe. At Sobel  Westex, a leading provider of quality linens, pillows, and robes at the world’s best luxury hotels and resorts, decades of experience have gone into creating these elegant and comfortable spa robes that are both stylish and incredibly cozy and comfortable.

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Is your Bathroom Ready for Holiday Guests?

Create a Luxury Hotel Bathroom Experience

Luxurious bathroom with a modern designer tub and shower, towels and plants ready for guests

It’s the holidays, and for many of us, that means guests staying over for family get-togethers or visits from distant friends. To celebrate, your home is decorated in seasonal fashion and your best culinary effort is in the oven.  

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Warm and Wonderful Alpaca Wool

See Why an Alpaca Blanket is the Perfect Winter Gift

Sobel Westex alpaca blanket in brown on a white hotel bedspread

Have you ever had an alpaca sweater, hat or blanket? If so, you know that alpaca wool is one of the world’s softest and warmest natural materials.

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