Sleeping Cool: Hotel Style Summer Bedding Tips

Make the Most of the Summertime Blues… and Whites

White and pastel modern bedroom interior with sea view in summer

Summertime, and the sleepin’ ain’t easy

Temps are jumpin’

and the humidity’s high

With apologies to George Gershwin, nothing takes the fun out of those long, action-packed summer days like a string of too-hot-to-sleep summer nights.

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Christmas in July

Why Not Celebrate Christmas in July with a new pillow?

Christmas in July with santa hat on a chaise lounge on a tropical beachChristmas in July sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Some people actually celebrate the December holiday in July. Some places and families make it a tradition and go all out with celebrations every year, decorating the town square and holding festive events.

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How to Care for Hotel Quality Bed Linens

Reduce Wear with these Bed Linen Laundering Tips

luxury hotel room bed sheets in beautiful white and wood bedroom with large windows

Taking care of your hotel quality bed linens properly will help prolong their life, reduce wear and tear and keep them soft and comfortable. To keep those luxury sheets looking and feeling as soft and beautiful as they did the day you bought them, you’ll need to take extra care when laundering and storing them.

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