The Story of Sobel Westex Hotel Bed Pillows

There’s More to Sobel Pillows Than Just Cuddly Comfort

happy woman embracing her fluffy bed pillow in bed in the morning

Sobel Westex began making its mark back in 1981 by providing superior linens and high quality hotel bed pillows to hotels around the world. We have grown a lot over the years, and now provide a full line of luxury hotel linens to resorts, cruise lines and hotels around the globe.

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Pick Up your Pillows for International Pillow Fight Day

Feathers Fly on International Pillow Fight Day

Flying pillow feathers and down during international pillow fight day

Yes, Virginia, there is an official International Pillow Fight Day and it’s coming up in early April. Celebrated on the first Saturday of April, and organized locally in cities around the world, International Pillow Fight Day gives everyone an excuse to grab their pillows and release all the pent up stresses of daily life with a good, old-fashioned pillow fight.

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Eight Steps to a More Luxurious Bathroom

A Bathroom to Energize and Renew

Modern luxury bathroom in european white style

Despite being a highly practical space, a comfortable and luxurious bathroom has its own restorative power to help you relax and refresh. Because bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side, small updates and touches can make a big difference.

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