What is a Pillow Protector?

Meet the Pillow Protector that Hotels and Resorts Love

Young woman hugging a fluffy white pillow in a pillow protector

Have you ever used a pillow protector? Have you ever heard of one? If you are like many consumers, a pillow protector may be new to you. We are all used to using pillowcases, so unless you or someone in your house has allergies, you might have never had a pillow protector.

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Christmas in July

Why Not Celebrate Christmas in July with a new pillow?

Christmas in July with santa hat on a chaise lounge on a tropical beachChristmas in July sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Some people actually celebrate the December holiday in July. Some places and families make it a tradition and go all out with celebrations every year, decorating the town square and holding festive events.

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How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep in a Hotel

What to Do When You Can’t Sleep in a Hotel

woman with hotel pillow over her head can't sleep due to noise

Travel can be fun and exciting. But the truth is, staying in a hotel room can feel disruptive and end up being a tiring, disappointing experience. No matter how adventurous we may feel, to some extent all of us are creatures of habit.

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