Some Facts on How We Sleep

How Does Your Sleep Compare to these Survey Results?

Relaxed smiling young woman sleeping in bed on two soft pillows in dark bedroom

Sleep is a vital part of your daily routine, though you may pay little attention to it. Proper sleep has been linked to better overall health, including lower instances of cardiovascular problems, better weight control, and better mental alertness.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Pillow

See if It’s Time to Toss Your Old Pillows

man and woman looking surprised in bed on white pillows

If you’re like most people, you rarely spend much time thinking about your bed pillow unless it’s extraordinarily uncomfortable. But that old pillow is what supports your head and neck and touches your face for around a third of your life, so it’s important to make sure it’s taking good care of you as you sleep.

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Do You Know the Types of Bed Pillow Filling?

Does Pillow Filling Matter?

Happy family on bed with pillows denoting healthy lifestyle pillow fillings

Pillow fillings determine qualities like the loft, softness, firmness and hypoallergenic properties of your pillow. If you suffer from allergies, experience headaches, back or neck pain when you wake up or have difficulty sleeping at all, your pillow may be the wrong one, and your filling plays a major role.

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What is a Pillow Protector?

Meet the Pillow Protector that Hotels and Resorts Love

Young woman hugging a fluffy white pillow in a pillow protector

Have you ever used a pillow protector? Have you ever heard of one? If you are like many consumers, a pillow protector may be new to you. We are all used to using pillowcases, so unless you or someone in your house has allergies, you might have never had a pillow protector.

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