What is a Pillow Protector?

Meet the Pillow Protector that Hotels and Resorts Love

Young woman hugging a fluffy white pillow in a pillow protector

Have you ever used a pillow protector? Have you ever heard of one? If you are like many consumers, a pillow protector may be new to you. We are all used to using pillowcases, so unless you or someone in your house has allergies, you might have never had a pillow protector.

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Sleeping Cool: Hotel Style Summer Bedding Tips

Make the Most of the Summertime Blues… and Whites

White and pastel modern bedroom interior with sea view in summer

Summertime, and the sleepin’ ain’t easy

Temps are jumpin’

and the humidity’s high

With apologies to George Gershwin, nothing takes the fun out of those long, action-packed summer days as a string of too-hot-to-sleep summer nights.

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