How to Fold Towels Like a Luxury Hotel

Bath Towel Origami is Easier Than You Think

If you’ve ever gone to a luxury hotel, chances are you’ve admired the special touch of unique towel art. Also referred to as towel origami and towel sculpture, towel art adds a special touch to hotel rooms.

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Make a COVID-19 Face Mask from a Sheet or Pillowcase

Easy to Make Face Mask

professional face masks during covid-19 pandemic a lot of people started to organize DIY production of face masks at home.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended the use of face masks for people who must spend time in places where social distancing is a concern. The CDC reminds us surgical masks and N95 masks should be left to medical professionals and to those who actively work with the COVID-19 virus.

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8 Bucket List Travel Destinations

Ideas for a Dream Vacation from the Dreamy Hotel Linens Experts

dream vacation bungalo lit up at sunset over water near great blue hole, belize

Dreaming of a dream vacation while you’re at work or maybe during these long, dark winter nights? The good news is spring is around the corner.

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