Thinking about an Eco Resort Experience?

Eco Resorts and Eco Lodges: the New Way to Travel

eco lodge bedroom with bamboo furniture and natural organic linens

Are you considering travel to an eco resort for your next vacation? What is ecotourism and how do you know you’ve made a good choice of destination and resort?

Ecotourism has grown into big business in recent years. There is an ever-increasing number of travelers who want to see and experience the beauty of the natural world and local cultures without damaging the environment. Travel that incorporates sustainability and nature conservation while also allowing the traveler to enjoy new experiences and places around the globe is growing in popularity. The travel and tourism industry is embracing this trend with an increase in eco-tourism offerings, and that includes a wide range of eco-resort experiences that combine responsible conservation projects, adventure and relaxation in accommodations that range from basic to luxurious. And the industry continues to innovate new ways to allow people to vacation with a lighter footprint on the planet.

Ecotourism Destinations Span the Globe

sunset over acacia tree and African elephant. Africa safari wildlife at an eco resort

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”. Many of the goals and efforts of eco-resorts are focused around providing education and employment for the local communities while preserving their natural environment. Initially ecotourism focused only on ecologically significant locations such as world heritage sites. However, the growth of the industry has seen the development of ecotourism destination in practically every part of the world and in a growing range of offerings for almost any type of vacation experience.

As the world has developed faster and faster in recent years, many countries are moving quickly to protect their remaining natural areas such as rainforests crucial to the climate and biodiversity, endangered wildlife habitat, ocean preserves and pristine watershed areas on which downstream cities and farmers depend for fresh water.

Some of the most popular ecotourism destination today around the world are places that reflect these conservation priorities, including places of amazing natural beauty and biodiversity like:

  • Galapagos Islands
  • Antarctica
  • Costa Rica
  • Amazon Rain Forest
  • Iceland
  • Congo Forest
  • New Zealand
  • Sumatra
  • Serengeti National Park in Tanzania
  • Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve in Kenya

Comfort and Conservation at an Eco Resort

True eco resorts strive to maintain a low carbon footprint while at the same time providing comfortable services and surroundings for their guests. For example, they may use a rainwater capture system or use solar power to light the resort, reducing over reliance on hydroelectricity and burning of fossil fuels. Such resorts also ensure that the resort establishment has minimal environmental impact, such as pollution, deforestation, and interference with wildlife and aquatic features such as coral reefs and wetlands.

Eco resorts come in all sizes, types and styles to suit the conservation goals and the local environment and culture. As a guest, you may find yourself in a modest hut on an African plain, with a view of amazing wildlife that passes by your front door. Or, you may choose a luxury resort in a rich rainforest, alive with the sound of birds and forest animals, but with all the amenities, local style, from spa services and gourmet foods to well-ventilated (though not always air-conditioned, American-style) comfort in your luxury room. Most of the resorts are actively involved in local conservation efforts and will have ways for you to participate or observe those projects, as well as opportunities to learn about local culture. Whatever your goal and taste, choose your desired destination and find a truly eco friendly, top quality eco resort.

What to look for in an Eco Resort

bird watcher on bridge in rainforest

For the truly environmentally conscious traveler, it’s important to feel comfortable that the resort you choose is truly dedicated to sustainability. Some facilities may target the eco-friendly tourist while they are not necessarily eco-friendly themselves. Here are some important factors to help you identify a truly “green” resort:

  • Focus on ecological sustainability
  • Notable contribution to environmental conservation
  • Dependence on the natural environment
  • Respect for local cultures
  • Giving back to the community economically and environmentally
  • Training and empowerment programs to improve the lives of the  local community
  • Adherence to local architecture and traditional building materials and designs
  • Maintenance of a non-smoking environment
  • Use of natural and toxic free cleaning agents and detergents
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Use of  sustainable furnishings and supplies, including eco-friendly towels, pillows and bedding

Sleep Like an Eco Traveler with Dolce Vita Eco Pillow

Two Sobel at Home Dolce Vita eco pillows on hotel bed

Whether or not you’re planning an eco resort vacation, you can practice and enjoy sustainable comforts at home as well. If you’ve traveled to an eco-resort, you probably found the beds just as inviting and comfortable as any luxury hotel. Great eco-resorts want to ensure their guests enjoy the highest quality natural bedding, manufactured sustainably with natural materials. Sobel Westex, a long-time manufacturer of hotel bedding and pillows,  provides eco-resorts with environmentally friendly bedding and linens, including the popular Dolce Vita Eco Pillow. We know hotels and we know they appreciate all the qualities this pillow offers.

Ideal for back and stomach sleepers, this pillow is made of 100% recyclable materials. The Dolce Vita Eco Pillow is filled with PET hollow siliconized fiberfill which is made from recycled plastic bottles. The pillow is covered with a 100% cotton ticking and protected with silpure anti-microbial finish. The result is a cozy and inviting luxury hotel quality pillow that provides just the right amount of head and neck support with a luxuriously relaxing softness. A favorite of our eco-resort and eco-friendly hotels around the world, now you can take home the Dolce Vita Eco Pillow from our online store. Feel like you’ve been carried away on an eco vacation every night when you sleep, even before you go on that great eco travel adventure.

Need a New Luxury Blanket for the Cold Weather Ahead?

Get Ready for Fall with the Best Luxury Blankets

Beautiful blond woman sitting in bedroom covered with warm blanket

It’s almost fall, the season of cooler mornings and curling up under the blankets for just a bit longer before getting out of bed for the day. As the days get shorter and the nights longer, welcome the refreshing fall season with a new blanket or coverlet to spruce up your bedroom. But what kind of blanket is right for you?

Choosing the right blanket or even the right combination of blankets can be a bit confusing with different styles, weaves, colors and other choices.  Sobel at Home offers a range of comfy, stylish blankets, the same ones that are our best sellers with our luxury resort and hotel clients around the world. Hotel buyers know that comfort and beauty are two elements that make a hotel stay memorable, and that works the same for your bedroom at home. All of Sobel Westex blankets are top quality, durable, warm and attractive.

From Fleece to Alpaca:  Hotel Blankets for All Tastes

Let’s take a closer look at their differences among Sobel at Home’s popular line of luxury blankets, the Sobellux Fleece, Chenille blanket, and Sochic Microfiber Coverlet, as well as our super-soft and versatile alpaca blanket. Here’s a bit more about each of these blanket choices to help you select one or mix and match for your fall bedding makeover:

Sobellux Fleece Blanket

Sobel Westex Sobellux Fleece blankets in a variety of colors

Whether you need a comforter to cover your bed or a stand-alone blanket, our fleece blankets offer luxury, comfort, and an exceptionally soft touch. Fleece is the comfy, warm blanket Americans love to cuddle into for bedtime, watching TV or just relaxing. The double-frame construction helps it stand up to trips through the washing machine, and the Sobelux fleece blanket fabric won’t pile, so it stays soft and smooth to the touch. With five colors and four sizes available, you’re sure to find the perfect fleece blanket for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

The fleece material in our blankets is made of spun polyester, which gives the blanket it’s versatility and durability with qualities like:

  • Warmth and thickness
  • Ability to keep moisture out and hold up to everyday use
  • Does not thin out or bunch up even after repeated use
  • Dries quickly if it gets wet

People love fleece blankets for other uses as well, such as a throw on the family room sofa, or as an extra blanket for the spare or guest room or even for travel.

Sobel Westex Chenille Blanket

Brown Sobel Westex chenille blanket across a neatly made luxury hotel bed

When you first see at a chenille blanket, it might look like a little different. That’s because it is constructed with what looks like “hairy” fabric.  Chenille is the French word for caterpillar, and that is a bit how the material can be described. Rub your hand over it and you feel soft, even ridges.  The fabric feels and looks three dimensional, with contour and depth that brings the fabric alive wherever it is spread. The thick chenille weave also enhances warmth. Like fleece, this blanket has a soft, cozy feel.

When chenille fabric first came on the scene, people could only buy products made from silk. Today, chenille weave is used with wool and cotton as well. The term chenille applies to both fabric and yarn. When creating chenille, the weaver cuts length-wise strips and places them on a loom. He or she then weaves in shorter yarn, called “pile” that stands vertical to the core strands, giving the fabric its softness and lift. In addition to bed coverings, you can find this luxury material in rugs, carpets, curtains, and shawls.

Sobel Westex chenille blankets are 50” X 70” in size and come in four attractive decorator colors: dark chocolate, dove grey, honey, and oatmeal.

Sochic Microfiber Blanket

Sochic microfiber blanket by Sobel Westex on a neatly made hotel bed

Our Sochic microfiber jacquard-woven coverlet makes the perfect addition to your bed for the cooler seasons just ahead of us. The lightweight blanket is both attractive and sturdy. It’s a great year-round addition to your decor. Layer it under your comforter during the fall and winter for an extra layer of warmth, and use it by itself in the spring and summer. This blanket is unique in that it gets softer each time you wash it. It also remains soft to the touch due to its premium fabrics.

Jacquard weaving integrates the fabric design right into the fabric. Manufacturers use a special weaving loom to produce jacquard fabric. Before starting the loom, the operator fits it with a mechanism featuring jacquard patterning. This enables the loom operator to create a wide range of complex designs and patterns in a single blanket. Manufacturers may use a natural filament of synthetic fiber for the fabric. During the weaving process, the weft and warp go under and over one another before settling into their final pattern. You can watch the fascinating process of jacquard weaving here.

Sobel Westex Luxury Alpaca Blanket

Sobel Westex luxury alpaca blankets in several colors with a cup of coffee in fall setting

The alpaca blanket is as it’s name says, a blend of super-soft alpaca fur as well as sturdy sheep’s wool, making this a durable, quality addition for warmth and style on any bed or sofa. In addition to being softer and silkier, Alpaca wool is lightweight and warmer than sheep’s wool. Alpaca fibers are also very strong, as well as water resistant. Alpaca does not contain lanolin, making it easier to process. The alpaca itself is a hardy animal that is built for extreme climates and its wool is considered among the world’s best. It is also an animal that can be sustainably raised for “green” wool production that requires minimal land and resources.

Three alpacas in a field showing different fur colors and lengths

Our 50” x 63” alpaca wool blanket comes in a variety of trendy colors to match any decor. As a blanket, as a throw or just to cuddle in, the Sobel Westex alpaca throw is a perennial favorite. Many of our customers buy more than one in a  variety of colors for different rooms of the house. Our cuddly Alpaca blankets make great seasonal gifts for family and friends.

Get 20% Off Blankets during our September End of Month Sale

While summer sun may be missed, it’s almost time to enjoy cozy fall weather and activities. Celebrate the changes in the air, the light and the weather by replacing summer bedding away with warm fall colors and fabrics.

All our fall blankets as well as our entire line of sheets are 20% off during our September End of Month Sale September 25-29. Whether you choose fleece, chenille, or a microfiber blanket, or mix and match them for different decorating needs, fall and winter will feel a lot warmer now. If you have additional questions about our blanket collection before placing your order, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our customer support team.

Sobel: What is Sheet Thread Count?

What Exactly is Thread Count?

Thread count is often used as an indicator of the quality of bed sheets. It’s a statistic that’s easy to determine and simple to list on the product packaging or on the landing page where it is sold. But it’s only one factor and can be oversold and oversimplified. It’s important to realize that bed sheet quality consists of a number of factors, and thread count alone doesn’t determine the quality of the sheets.

Sobel at Home Sobel Westex bedsheet set modeled in hotel room

Thread count is the measurement of the number of woven threads per square inch in a fabric.  A general assumption is that higher thread count equates to superior comfort, mainly because high thread counts tend to make the sheets feel softer to the touch. While thread count is important, there are other factors that can have even more impact on the comfort of a bed sheet. Thread count alone does not insure that the bed sheet is of superior quality or will be the best choice.

Until half a century ago, sheets with a thread count of 180 were the epitome of luxury. Technology of the day made 120 thread count sheets available to everyday consumers. As equipment evolved and thread counts grew, high thread count sheets became available to more buyers. But at the same time, it became clear that the number of threads that fit into one square inch of space does have a limit. More importantly, weaving together more strands of an inferior product does not lead to superior results. We must look at a variety of characteristics when considering the comfort of a set of sheets.

Thread Count and Other Factors Determine Sheet Quality

What are some other factors besides thread count that are important to determining the comfort and quality in a bed sheet?

Along with thread count, fiber length is an important factor to consider. Longer fibers are stronger, hold up better with use over time and make the fabric feel softer and smoother. The longer fibers found in 100% Egyptian cotton, a popular material in quality bed sheets, for example, produce stronger individual threads and result in a superior weave. Pima, Supima, and combed organic cotton offer additional options to those in search of cotton sheets that look and feel luxurious. The quality of the fibers is crucial because a longer fiber naturally prevents pilling.

Portrait of an engineer in front of automated machines for thread manufacturing.

Weave affects more than just how a sheet looks and feels. Longevity and price are also determined, in part, by the weave. A percale weave, which is similar to a well-done basket weave, is the most common weave. Percale sheets with 200 thread count, for example, have 100 vertically woven threads (known as warp) and 100 horizontally woven threads (weft). This balance makes for a cool, crisp sheet that feels refreshing and light when slept upon.

Sateen weaves count on a higher proportion of vertical threads to create a soft and supple sheet. The downside of sateen is the increased likelihood of pilling and tearing in comparison to plain weaves. Jacquards (see jacquard being made on a traditional jacquard loom) and damasks offer durable intricate weaves created on special looms, a more intricate and labor intensive process. These materials can include different thread colors and lovely patterns, and tend to be smooth and stretchable when in use.

Numbers Can Be Deceiving

As you see, there is more to luxury bed sheets than the number of threads squeezed into one square inch of space. Generally, if the sheets fall within the 200 to 600 thread count range, they are likely quite comfortable. When thread count numbers climb past 800, it is an indicator that extra threads called picks have been woven into the horizontal threads. This boosts marketability but not necessarily comfort. If the fiber used is a shorter fiber, simply weaving in more inferior fibers will not magically guarantee higher quality. It is possible for a 300 count Egyptian cotton sheet to outperform an 800 count bed sheet in terms of looks, feel, and longevity.

Characteristics to Look for in Quality Sheets

mom and baby on white bed showing quality sheets that are soft and comfortable

Thread count is an often misunderstood measure of quality. While it is true that higher thread counts may indicate higher quality sheets, the length of the fibers and the weave are more indicative of comfort and durability. Look for a combination of thread count, weave and fabric such as 100% Egyptian cotton.  Or, look for sheets made from combed, ringspun cotton, which is cotton that has been through a spinning process to straighten and soften the fibers, then combed to remove impurities.

Sobel Westex Luxury Hotel Bed Sheets: Quality Materials Woven For Comfort and Durability

Sobel Westex has been providing durable, luxury bed linens to top hotels and resorts around the world for decades. Our line of quality cotton and cotton/poly blend bed sheets has been developed through many years of working with our hospitality partners to provide the most comfortable sheets and pillows that provide memorable nights’ sleep for their guests. Now available to everyone at, our sheets are woven on state-of-the-art looms to our high standards of quality in our own mills around the globe. Made to meet the highest standards, you’ll enjoy luxurious and restful sleep on any of our bed sets and pillows.

Build Your Own Luxury Hotel Style Bed

How to Bring Luxury Home with Hotel Style Bed Linens and Pillows

classic hotel style bed with pillows and luxury bedding in high end design bedroom setting

Most of us know that great feeling when you arrive at your hotel after a long journey and slip into a fresh, soft and luxurious hotel bed for a rejuvenating and restorative night’s sleep. Turns out, great hotels and luxury resorts carefully design and build that great sleep experience for their guests. You know it when you walk in the room, seeing the great piles of inviting softness, the layers of warmth and the quiet colors that help you relax and unwind. Once you climb in bed, you sink into luxury, at once supported and released into deep and comforting rest.

Little wonder if, on returning home, you notice that your bed just doesn’t have that same luxurious feel that you enjoyed at the hotel. Fortunately though, by following a few simple steps you can create your own hotel bed experience to enjoy every night in your own bedroom.

A Good Mattress Really Helps

One important key to a good night’s sleep is a comfortable mattress. For your hotel bed project though, it doesn’t matter what kind of mattress you have, as long as you like it. Don’t worry. While most mattresses should be replaced every 8-10 years, you don’t need to run out and buy a new one. If you’ve got the perfect mattress, great, you’re off to a great start. But, if not, unless it’s badly damaged or worn out, you don’t have to replace your mattress to build a comfortable hotel-style bed. The right mattress topper will take care of that for you.

Start with a Mattress Topper

man' hand demonstrating thick luxury memory foam mattress topper

A mattress topper adds a fresh layer comfort and support between you and your mattress. It can cover up the defects in almost any ordinary mattress. Toppers mimic the mattress, providing a more comfortable surface over the hard mattress below.  Good quality mattress toppers or mattress pads may be made with materials such as memory foam or feathers.

A memory foam topper is especially helpful for improving the comfort provided by an older mattress which has started to deteriorate. If you already have a comfortable mattress, a feather topper can add a layer of cozy softness. If you choose a feather topper it is a good idea to also add a mattress cover to protect the feather topper and prevent any escaping feathers from bothering you.

Mattress toppers also help prolong the life of your mattress while adding a layer of extra padding and comfort to the sleep surface. They help keep the mattress surface clean and free of debris so that it stays clean, fresh and free of stains. Our Sobeldry mattress pad provides the comfort of patented microfiber design and is also antibacterial and waterproof.

No matter what kind of topper you choose, unless your mattress is new, take the time to refresh and condition your existing mattress before fitting the topper on the bed. Do this by turning your mattress, sprinkling it with baking soda, letting it air, and then vacuuming it off after an hour or so.

Hotel-Style Luxury Bedding Comes in Layers

Select a quality bedding set that has a look and feel to fit your taste. Egyptian cotton, made from long, strong cotton fibers, and often woven into higher thread count sheets for quality, is one of the most comfortable bedding fabrics. Luxury hotel beds commonly use Egyptian cotton in their bedsets and duvets for extra comfort and durability.

Other hotel bed sheet materials can include quality cotton/polyester blends that are no iron, or percale which feels cool to the touch. Many factors go into choosing the bedding style that’s right for you, but a quality, appealing bedding set is an affordable luxury that adds to your quality sleep experience.

sobella duvet insert by Sobel at Home
Sobella duvet insert

For extra comfort and an even more luxurious look, consider adding a goose down filled blanket or duvet insert.

Color is of course a matter of personal taste, but white or a combination of white and ivory is appealing to many people, a point which luxury hotels have long recognized. Neutral colors like these adapt well to seasonal and lighting changes, and you are less likely to tire of them over time. You can accent the neutral bed colors year round by alternating seasonal decorative pillows, blankets and throws.

teal color, folded Alpaca throw by Sobel at Home on hotel bed
Sobel Alpaca throw

Bed Pillows, Covers, Cases and Decorations

A comfortable pillow may be the most important factor for good quality sleep and to help reduce any headache or neck pain. Hotels know how important pillows are to comfort. This is one reason they supply plenty of pillows and may include different types of pillows to fit the needs of different types of sleepers.

Two luxury dolce vita eco pillows by Sobel at Home on hotel bed
Dolce Vita eco pillow

The type of pillow that is best for you may depend on whether you are primarily a back or side sleeper, and what level and type of head and neck support works best for you. If you visit a luxury hotel and find a really comfortable pillow, check the label or ask the hotel staff. Many of our Sobel at Home pillow customers fell in love with their pillow during a hotel or resort stay.

Finding the right pillows is important to getting your new bed ensemble to deliver the comfort you want. A pillow made of goose feathers and down filling for many people provides the ultimate in comfort. A hypo-allergenic pillow will minimize allergic reactions that can disturb your sleep or result in morning discomfort. For the ultimate in luxury, complete your pillow set with Egyptian cotton pillowcases.

As a final optional extra, choose bolsters or so-called decorative or boudoir pillows to add an even more attractive appearance to your luxury home bed ensemble.

Hotel bed with gold decorative pillows and a white Sochic coverlet
Sochic coverlet

Building your own comfy bed and evening retreat can be fun and reward you with better sleep so you wake up with more energy and fewer aches and pains. Whatever your budget or your taste, you can take your time and build it one piece at a time. Start with a good pillow which will give you vital head and neck support. Then have fun finding the perfect components and building the bed of your dreams piece by piece. Sobel at Home’s growing line of hotel bedding and linens is a great place to start. Check out our specials and new products and bring your hotel bed home with you.


How to Clean Bed Pillows

dog on the bed with his head on the pillow

We all have our favorite bed pillows, but old or new, regular pillows or carefully chosen, specialty or luxury pillows, they all need to be cleaned from time to time. Regular care and cleaning will help keep your bed pillow looking new and fluffy, and make sure they smell fresh and clean when you put your head down at night. If you want your pillows to retain their form and comfortable feel over time, it’s important to clean them the right way. Proper care will help extend the life of your pillows and make sure you continue to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Best Way to Wash a Bed Pillow Depends on Pillow Filling

How to Wash a Foam-Filled or Synthetic Bed Pillow

Female hands getting out wet bed sheet and pillow from washing machine

Most foam, cotton or synthetic-filled pillows can be cleaned in the washing machine.  However, to keep from damaging the pillow with a harsh wash cycle, be sure to use the delicate setting and wash them in cold water. Use a non-harsh detergent, such as one used for delicate items like baby clothing. After washing, place the pillow in the dryer on low heat, air dry or fluff setting. Be aware that at this low setting, it will take several hours to dry.  Be patient, as this is necessary to protect the pillow from damage. The gentle dry cycle allows the pillow to dry without damage to the fibers that provide the structure and texture of the pillow. Never use high heat when drying a pillow as this will cause the fibers to melt and lose shape, making the pillow unusable.

How to Clean a Feather-Filled or Down Pillow

Female hands washing a white bed pillow in basin

If you have a down or feather-filled pillow, it is recommended that you hand wash the pillow. Place it in a basin filled with enough warm water and a non harsh laundry detergent to completely submerge and cover the pillow. Knead or massage the pillow to work the soap in. Drain the basin and fill it with cool water. Submerge and knead the towel to get rid of any soap. Once the soap is gone, press on the pillow repeatedly to remove liquid. Do not wring the pillow. Once you have removed as much water as possible, roll the pillow up in a towel to remove moisture. Once this is done, place the pillow in the dryer on air dry or a low heat setting to dry it. Again, avoid speeding up the dry cycle with more heat as this will damage your delicate pillow.

How to Keep Your Bed Pillow Clean and Fresh Between Washings

One of the best tips for keeping your pillow clean and reducing the need for frequent washings is to use a quality pillow protector. A pillow cover helps to keep dirt and dust off the pillow, and provides a barrier to collect skin cells and absorb moisture as you sleep. Ideally, you should wash your pillow no more than twice a year to help it last longer. For extra cleanliness, you can also purchase pillows that use antimicrobial technology to help minimize the growth of bacteria and minimize odors.

Great Sleep and Durability in a Quality Luxury Hotel Pillow

sahara nights pillows on foot of bed

The best pillow care starts with a quality pillow. If your pillows are just too far gone, or you find you’re tossing and turning and can’t get comfortable, consider looking for a new bed pillow. Your comfort and quality of sleep depend on good head and neck support. And good sleep should be relaxing and comfortable. A great pillow will give you a sense of relaxed support and will be free of any allergens that may bother you. Sobel’s luxury hotel pillows, now available to everyone through are used in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts, so you know they are luxuriously comfortable and made with the best materials to deliver comfort and a great night’s sleep for a long time.  Your Sobel Westex pillow will continue to provide comfort and service if you follow the care instructions. However, because all pillows do break down with use over time, and to keep the integrity and great feel of a quality bed pillow, we recommend replacing your pillow every 18 months to two years.

Choose the right pillow for your sleep style and you’ll discover how refreshing a great night’s sleep on a quality pillow can be. At home or on the road, we believe everyone should have a fresh and comfortable pillow to sleep on.

How to Fold a Hotel Towel

luxury hotel bathroom with orchids and white folded hand towels next to the sink

Part of the hotel experience is the luxurious and welcoming look and feel of hotel towels and linens. If you’ve enjoyed a luxury hotel stay, or you’ve been to a spa or resort, you may have seen how the staff try to add a little extra style, beauty and sometimes fun by folding the bath and hand towels into attractive shapes.

Folding a luxury bath towel is a hotelier’s art—and one that’s easy to emulate at home. If you’d like to give your bathroom at home a little extra style, we’ve gathered some of our favorite online video tutorials on a few towel folding techniques that aren’t difficult to do. Try a few to add that extra touch of elegance and delight for your family and guests.

Folding Techniques for Hand Towels  

Basic Trifold for Stacked Towels

fluffy white hotel towels folded and stacked

For that neat, orderly hotel towel look all the time, try folding your bath and hand towels into thirds vertically, then fold them horizontally again into thirds as well. This fold assures that the edges of the towel are not visible or sticking awkwardly out the sides, and with its neat tucks and rolls, gives the towels a fluffy and rounded look.

Pocket and Fan Hanging Towel

The pocket and fan is achieved by folding a hand towel lengthwise and crosswise, forming a pocket on the bottom of the panel of the towel that hangs facing the guest. Then turn a washcloth into a fan shape and tuck it into the pocket. It’s easy, and one of the most artistic of the hotelier’s folds.

And now, a variation on the pocket and fan. Make a gorgeous hand towel with washcloth roll. You’ll be folding the washcloth accordion-style, then folding it in half, then opening the folded cloth into a seashell shape. Place the shell gently on the hand towel that’s folded and then opened on a diagonal.

We think these powder room techniques are such an impressive touch!

Origami for the Bath

Pillow and blown pillow and fold the towel as a swan kiss each other on the white bed

The swan fold, a bath towel folding technique sometimes used on cruise ships or in resort hotels, takes just one minute!  The bath towel is rolled, diagonally, from both ends, then curled into a S-shape. Next, fan-style folding makes the washcloth into elegant wings. This is origami for your bathroom!

The Spa Towel Roll

Stage your home for a house tour or your next party with a very easy towel folding spa-style roll. To create an attractive towel basket in the bathroom, start by folding a bath towel once over, widthwise. If the towel is large, you’ll repeat this fold. Then, simply roll up the towel, tightly and evenly.

soapherbs sponge and towels in a wicker basket on a light background

When your towel is nicely rolled, place it in a decorative basket, adding more towels of various sizes. Easy and delightful! Your decorative basket of fresh linens takes just a minute per towel to arrange. This one is so simple to do every day, taking no more time than ordinary folding.

Animal Shape Towel Folding for the Kids

terry cloth hand towel folded into a bunny for children

The kids will have fun making an impression on your guests, and once they learn these techniques, they might just get into the habit of doing them over and over again. They can even get crafty, folding towels into shapes from elephants to bunnies.

Accessorize with mints, orchids, or local flowers to add enjoyment and style. Now the kids will start watching how linens are folded in hotels, and they’ll bring home some more ideas, like these from the staff of a luxury cruise line.

Elephant origami towel on the bed of a hotel.

Start with the Best Luxury Hotel Bath Towels

Sobellina bath towel set by Sobel Westex

Of course, no matter how you fold them, a towel will make the best impression when it is used. Luxury hotels and resorts know that the true experience of luxury must be complete. This is why they use only the softest, thickest and most inviting towels. You can purchase the same luxury towels that the best hotels use online from Sobel at Home. Sobel Westex is a leading worldwide provider of luxury hotel towels and bedding to the hospitality industry, so chances are you’ve encountered our cozy pillows, sheets, blankets and towels during your hotel stays, or even on a cruise ship. Now our fluffy, durable, easy care and top quality luxury bath towels are available for home. Visit our online store today for Sobel towels, like our thick, soft and beautiful 100% ring spun cotton Sobellina bath set and turn your bathroom into a luxury resort.

Is Your Bedroom Ready for Summer?

Modern white bedroom in summer with sea view

With summer around the corner, we enjoy celebrate the warmer months by spending more time outdoors. This is the season to get together with friends, travel, start new projects and hold pool parties and barbecues. But when it’s finally time to come inside and rest, it’s great to come home to a cool, fresh, comfortable summer bedroom where you can keep that great relaxed summer feeling all evening and through the night. Here are a few ideas to extend the beauty of summer right into your bedroom:

Play with Color and Light

One of the best ways to welcome summer is to simply draw back the curtains and allow light to flood the bedroom. For rooms kept dark and warm during the winter, letting in the bright sun and moonlight refresh and open the room to the vibrancy of summertime. If your windows or the room are small, try adding a mirror, a tray or mirrored tiles which reflect light to give the impression of a larger room. A mirrored dresser makes the entire room feel lighter and brighter. To complete the look and feel of summer, add pastel colors to the room using summer shades like green, blue, pink and yellow.

Modern blue bedroom interior with blue, green, and violet designer pillows in a luxury house. Interior design.

Ditch Heavy Wintry Carpeting

Before the onset of summer, roll up and store away any heavy rugs in your bedroom, such as wool or shag. These rugs are more likely to trap heat, and if you’re in a damp climate may add a wintry weight to the air in the room you want to dispel for the summer. In their place, place light, woven area rugs, made with lighter materials such as cotton or jute and with a light color accent. Lighten the look even further by keeping the bedroom clear of unwanted elements and clutter. This will allow for cross ventilation which will help keep the room airy and fresh. Remove excess magazines, papers, books and clothes to make the room feel more restful.

Lighten Up Your Summer Retreat with Cool Shades

Bouquet of pink rores in vase and pink lamp on white boudoir table

For an extra touch that will make your room even more relaxing and special, switch out any darker wall art and replace it with images of summer scenes – beaches, exotic travel, whatever your perfect summer may look like.

You can also change the atmosphere in the evening with a minor lighting change: just switch out your regular lamp shades to something thinner or with a tinge of summery color. This will transform the light in your room from winter glare to a shimmery summer glow.

Use Breezy Summer Bedding for a Refreshing Night’s Sleep

Make sure your summer bed will be a cool refuge from the heat to help restore your energy after a busy day of outdoor activity. Just like removing your heavy rugs, you want to also lighten up your bed coverings. Store away your heavy winter bedspread or comforter and pack up those winter blankets. Swap them out for light cotton blankets or a coverlet. Switch your winter bed sheets to something more suitable for summer, such as light and airy cotton for better moisture absorption, or choose ones that retain coolness, like Percale sheets. Cover your bed with an attractive and light duvet and keep a light summer blanket at hand for cooler nights. Here are two luxury resort bed coverings from Sobel at Home that are perfect additions to a summer bedroom:

Cozy microfiber blanket

sobel westex sochic microfiber hotel blanket folded on bed

The Sochic microfiber blanket, our best jacquard-woven coverlet is a perfect addition to your summer bedding ensemble. Made of premium materials, the blanket gets softer with every wash to ensure that every night is cozy and comfortable. Thin and light, it nevertheless provides warmth on cool nights, but keeps your summer bed looking carefree and cool. The Sochic microfiber blanket will add a fresh, tropical feel to your summer bedtime retreat.

Give your bed a lift with a refreshing duvet insert

sobella duvet insert

The Sobella duvet insert is versatile and adds comfort and style to your summer décor. The box-stitched duvet, made to high luxury resort hotel standards and with the finest fabric, is cozy enough to assure you a peaceful night’s rest. The tastefully designed, clean white Sobella duvet insert can be used on its own or covered with your favorite summer duvet cover. Used as a bed covering, add color with a tumble of fun throw pillows that reflect summer themes. Designed for the world’s best hotels and resorts, Sobella duvet insert will provide you with years of comfort, durability, and beauty.

Pick up your Sobella duvet insert in our estore this week, on sale at 20% off July 12-14, 2017.

VIsit Sobel at Home’s online hotel linens store for other light and airy choices luxury summer sheets and bedding.

Enjoy Your Fresh and Easy Summer Bedroom Makeover

Summer seems to come and go so quickly. But, with a little thought and advance preparation, you can transform your bedroom in no time into a summer oasis whose light, relaxing look and cool comfort will welcome you any time of day. If summer is a state of mind, make sure your bedroom feels like a dreamy August afternoon.

Let’s Celebrate Independence Day and Head for the Pool

happy 4th of July with an american flag weaving on a blue sky America’s favorite summer holiday is right around the corner. Independence Day, or 4th of July, is traditionally a day for an outdoor barbeque, hot dogs and a dazzling fireworks display. It’s an early summer holiday when the great weather has just arrived and we look forward to some leisurely summer afternoons poolside or at the beach. But, as this important holiday comes around, we might all stop a minute and think about the true origins and significance this day holds as a symbol of our freedom and liberty for over 240 years. It was the 4th of July when, in 1776, thirteen colonies stood up and took charge of their own destiny to throw off the heavy hand of the British crown and declare American independence. The Declaration of Independence and our enduring US Constitution were momentous outcomes of that decision. This 4th of July is a great time to stop and appreciate how far we have come as a nation, and to reflect and reclaim, as one nation, our founding ideals. happy family watching the sunset and independence day firework on the beach

Remembering the Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin

One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and founding father, the wise Benjamin Franklin, was quite a wit. He gave us many of our favorite American sayings, which he published in Poor Richard’s Almanac at the young age of 26, among them:

  • Remember that time is money.
  • A penny saved is a penny earned.
  • Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  • God helps them that help themselves.
  • Haste makes waste.
  • Never leave that till to-morrow which you can do to-day.
  • In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.
  • Fish and visitors stink in three days.

So in the spirit of helping you save a penny and get things done…

Save a Penny with 20% Off Site-wide Luxury Hotel Towels and Linens

Another Ben Franklin saying is one we take to heart:   Keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee. To thank our loyal customers and welcome new fans of Sobel Westex luxury hotel pillows and other high end hotel linens, Sobel at Home is celebrating this 4th of July holiday weekend with a sitewide 20% Off Sale on all of our products, excluding only items already on sale. Visit our website for great prices on our popular line of quality hotel pillows, luxury bedding, resort spa robes and slippers, and our fabulous collection of poolside and beach towels to accessorize your summer fun with exceptional comfort and style.

Splash! Hotel Pool Towel Sale June 29-July 4

Be sure to check out our fun and beautiful collection of pool towels for your summer poolside plans. Choose from the bold 100% cotton Splash Stripe pool towel in a variety of bright colors, or the soft and lightweight pink Splash Cabana pool towel for a more delicate touch. Or, select your choice of classic stripes or solids from among our stylish resort-style pool towel collections. Sobel Westex pool towels are made from only top quality materials and manufactured in our mills to the highest standards to provide a beautiful addition to your accessory kit for outdoor or indoor water adventures. The towels come in two sizes, 30 x 60 inch, or 35 x 70, and shipping is free over $125 per order. model on beach with sobel westex beach towlel collection Our Independence Day sale starts on June 29th and runs through Tuesday, July 4. Order your favorite Sobel Westex items early. Then get out and take time to celebrate at another great American birthday party this July 4th.  

Hotel Quality Sheets a Great Choice for Your Home

Here’s What Makes Luxury Hotel Bed Sheets So Comfortable

Breakfast tray in bed on luxury hotel bed sheets with pillows

We all look forward to a leisurely stay in a luxury hotel. It may be the room service, or being pampered by an attentive housekeeping staff. Or it’s the chance to kick back and enjoy a resort environment. But, one memory that really sticks with many of us long after we’ve left the hotel is the incredible comfort and luxurious feel of the hotel sheets and bedding. Quality hotels and resorts make sure to provide their guests with the best linens and bed coverings, taking care to pamper them with a great night’s sleep along with their daytime guest experience.  Don’t you want to take that feeling home with you?

Well, you don’t have to wait for your next vacation to enjoy a luxuriously comfortable bed and a great night’s sleep.  You may have slept on a soft Sobel Westex pillow, stretched out on Sobel Westex top quality bed sheets, or perhaps wrapped yourself in a luxurious Sobel Westex spa robe during your last luxury hotel experience. After all, Sobel Westex has been selling hotel linens to high-end hotels and luxury resorts around the world for more than 35 years.  Now we’ve made these luxury hotel sheets and other linens available to the public through Sobel at Home, our online shopping portal.

So what makes Sobel Westex sheets so comfortable, anyway? We thought we’d share some of our buyers’ secrets with you so you can see that choosing hotel sheets really is a step up into high quality and true luxury.

What Makes Hotel Bed Sheets Better?

Sahara nights luxury bed sheet set with alpaca blanket by Sobel Westex

Luxury hotels know that an exceptional guest experience and the hotel’s reputation rest on its ability to deliver an inviting and relaxing room experience. A great night’s sleep is of course a key part of the hotel or resort stay. So what do hotel owners look for when they shop for luxury hotel sheets?

The first qualities a hotel bedding buyer will look for are use of the best materials and exceptional manufacturing quality. They will look for items with allure that, at first touch, convey a luxurious look and feel. The sheets feel substantial and smooth. They are attractive to look at, with a finish that is both distinctive and neutral enough to fit a variety of room decor and styles. Since these items will be laundered frequently and need to be easy to handle, the buyer will look for quality, durable construction, and check that the sheets have simple laundering requirements. The sheets should be wrinkle free for no ironing, and easy to open, fold and tuck.

How to Select Top Quality Hotel Sheets

Ni nights hotel bedsheets by Sobel Westex in luxury hotel room with gift box on the bed

Here are the basic elements a hotel buyer might use for selecting top quality hotel sheets:

  • Thread Count – Commonly defined as the number of individual yarn fabric strands per square inch, thread count is probably the most misunderstood element of sheet manufacture and design. For years, consumers have been relying on sheet thread counts as the sole determining factor of overall quality. While it is true that sheets with higher thread counts generally tend to be softer than those with lower thread counts, other factors can be even more important. Consumers should also keep in mind that sheets can only pack so many threads into a square inch. Take cotton sheets, for example. After reaching a cotton thread count of several hundred, customers will feel very little or no discernable difference when threat counts go higher.
  • Fabric – When it comes to bed sheets, most people agree that cotton is simply softer. Consumers choosing cotton bedding must then decide on a particular weave. For example, closely woven Percale sheets, which have a lighter, cooler feel, will stand up great against the wear and tear of multiple washes.  Sateen sheets recreate the feel of satin for a much softer sleeping experience.
  • Fiber Quality – Check to determine if the sheets contain long or short cotton fibers. This can make a tremendous difference in overall satisfaction. While sheets made from shorter fibers may sport a high thread count, these fibers will more readily break over time to produce lint and pilling that ultimately reduces surface softness. Egyptian cotton, for example, is a variety of cotton that is hand-picked so the fibers are unbroken and longer.  Longer and stronger fibers can be woven into higher thread count sheets, making them more durable and resistant to stress and tearing. Egyptian cotton sheets are also more porous, so they feel slightly cooler to sleep on.

Sobel Westex Quality in all our Luxury Hotel Bed Sheet Sets

Sobel Westex works closely with our mills to select the best cotton and other materials for our luxury hotel sheets and pillow cases.  We hold to the highest raw material and weaving standards in the industry with the result that all of our linen products are of the highest quality and comfort, both durable and beautiful for use in any setting. We have some of the most demanding customers in the world, and we know it. Our carefully selected and designed products have been created not only to provide a wonderful experience to hotel guests, but also to be durable, reliable and versatile, to please a variety of tastes and decors. We offer a variety of the same quality choices that have long pleased our resort customers guests, available for home shoppers and shipped to your door. Whichever Sobel Westex bed sheet set you choose, we know you will feel and experience the difference of a high quality hotel sheet over ordinary linens. Visit Sobel at Home for all the choices in quality hotel sheets, and every night’s sleep will feel like a vacation.

Give Dad Luxury Hotel Robe or Bedding for Father’s Day

Help Dad Celebrate Father’s Day in Style with Sobel at Home

Dad and baby boy at homeSince the first Father’s Day celebration was held in June 1910 by proud daughter Sonora Smart Dodd in Spokane, Washington’s YMCA to honor her dad, a single parent of six and civil war veteran, William Jackson Smart, American families have celebrated the important role that fathers play in our lives. Dads may not express it the same way as Moms, but having a warm, loving family and home to return to every day is just as important to them.

Give Dad the Best of our Warm and Cuddly Hotel Linens Collection

Sure we know dads are supposed to be tough and outdoorsy, but nothing says you love him like having comfort and luxury when he’s relaxing at home. With Sobel at Home’s line of luxury hotel robes, pillows and linens, you can pamper Dad whether he’s in the bath, in bed, or just lounging around the house. You might even be able to help Dad relive a great luxury hotel experience where the softest pillows and most luxurious bedding helped him sleep like a baby.

Here are a few of our luxury hotel products that will totally pamper your favorite dad on Father’s Day:

Help Dad Relax with a Hotel Quality Robe

Dad and mom relax in bed in Sobel at home luxury hotel robes

Let Dad experience his down time in a super soft and luxurious hotel quality robe. Choose from Sobel at Home’s selection of timeless resort spa bath robes, all made of high quality, absorbent materials for warmth, comfort and durability.

Our extra soft Five Star bath robe features a classic v-neck and 14-oz terry velour, perfect for drying off from an outing in the pool or hot tub, or for wrapping up after a shower.

The Calm Urbana Robe is made from sensuous 100% microfiber, elegantly highlighted with satin piping and extra deep pockets, available in eggshell and sage and perfect for lounging and relaxing at home.

The Perfect Fit Luxury Hotel Pillow

Does Dad toss and turn?  Maybe he snores at night?  Or maybe he wakes up a bit achy or cranky. Did you ever think maybe it’s his pillow? Having the right pillow for your sleep style is important to a good night’s sleep. Sobel Westex, parent of Sobel at Home, knows pillows well because we’ve been making top quality luxury hotel and resort pillows for our clients around the world for over 35 years.

Sobella pillows from Sobel Westex

Find the perfect pillow for Dad’s sleep style – side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper – firmness preference and pillow size among our selection of hotel quality pillows. Durable and made of only top quality materials, you will find the right style and feel to put Dad to sleep in no time and help him wake up refreshed. Our pillows range from 100% cotton to down or feather/down combination. Some styles, like Dolce Notte and Bellazure Duo, feature silpure antimicrobial finish to help keep the pillow fresh and minimize odors. Choose a brushed microfiber finish or cotton. Or, for environmentally-conscious dads, go eco-friendly with our comfortable PET siliconized fiber-filled (made from recycled plastic bottles) Dolce Vita Eco pillow.

Pamper Dad with Top Quality Hotel Bedding

ni nights bed set from Sobel Westex in hotel room setting

Does Dad’s bed looked slept in even after he makes it?  Maybe it’s time to spruce up his bedroom with a fine, durable and easy care bed sheet set and a new splash of color with a warm blanket from our hotel bedding collection.

Sobel Westex Alpaca blanket

Nothing says a good night’s sleep like an inviting bed with soft yet sturdy and durable hotel quality sheets. This Ni Nights bed set adds an executive flair to Dad’s bedroom with 300-thread count sheets, for stylish satin-striped comfort.

Dad will love an alpaca or chenille blanket to top his new bed set, adding warmth, sophistication and style. Perfect for snuggling, our ultra-soft alpaca wool blanket sports a decorative fringe and comes in eight colors to help you match it to dad’s favorite arm chair, sofa, bedroom set, or even his man cave decor.

chenille blankets four colors from Sobel Westex

Our stylish chenille blanket comes in four colors and is a great added layer of warmth in bed. Chenille’s exposed linear seams add texture and an inviting, relaxed look and feel.

Find many more hotel collection items in the Sobel at Home online store. And remember, Father’s Day will come and go next week, but Dad will remember his Sobel at Home gift and the gift giver all year long, every time he enjoys the quality and comfort it provides.

How to choose a good bed pillow

Choosing a good bed pillow is key to a good night’s sleep

Every year, millions of people around the globe do not get enough sleep. While there are lots of reasons for this, the right sleeping environment can make a big difference in the quality of our sleep. Maybe because it is a big purchase that will be around a long time, many people spend a great deal of time looking for the perfect mattress. But, when it comes to choosing a pillow, most of us don’t really think a lot about it.

Because it supports your head and neck, the lowly pillow actually plays a big role in the quality of your sleep experience. It’s worth understanding the pillow’s role in getting more and better quality sleep, and how to choose the right pillow for your individual needs.

Red headed girl hugging her pillow after a good night's sleep

There are two things that a pillow is meant to provide, comfort and a correct sleeping posture. When you are uncomfortable, falling asleep can be difficult. Correct sleeping posture ensures that your head and neck remain in a supported and relaxed position, which prevents muscle pain as well as stiffness in the shoulders, head, neck and back. Without proper support, an ill-fitting pillow can cause (or worsen) headaches and numbness in the arms.

Is it time for a new pillow?

The average lifespan of a pillow varies greatly. However, you can determine your pillow’s effectiveness by performing the simple, quick test below.

Pillow test:

  1. Place your pillow flat.
  2. Now, fold it in half.
  3. Let go.

If your pillow does not return to its original position, it is time to start looking for a replacement.

Regardless of its age, if you feel upper body aches and pains when you wake, or wake up with a headache that eases as you walk around, you should look for a new pillow. Maybe you simply can’t get comfortable enough to quickly fall asleep – you may have the wrong pillow. And, because pillows can house dust mites and mold, many people prefer to replace their pillows every few years.

What is your sleep style?

Your pillow needs to keep your head in what is referred to as ‘neutral alignment.’ When your head is neutrally aligned, it does not rest too far forward or too far back; instead, your head rests evenly on your shoulders (just as it does when you practice good posture while standing).

Pillow for Side Sleepers

Sobella pillow for side sleepers
Sobella Pillow

A side sleeper needs a medium or firm pillow and can also benefit from an extra-wide gusset. Whereas some pillows just have a top panel and bottom panel that are sewn together, a gusseted pillow has panels along all four sides to increase its thickness. This increased thickness works well to bridge the distance between your shoulder and your ear. In addition, if you are a side sleeper, consider placing a pillow between your knees to help align your spine. Instead of placing your shoulder at a 90-degree angle, reduce the stress on your trapezius muscle, neck and shoulder blades by positioning your shoulder slightly forward.

Pillow for Back Sleepers

If you prefer to sleep on your back, you should consider a thinner pillow; otherwise, your neck may sit too far forward, which will put excessive pressure on your C2 and C3 vertebrae. Choose a thinner pillow with extra loft to cradle your neck (loft refers to the amount of lift a pillow has). When there is extra loft at the bottom, it will be slightly thicker in this area. Many back-sleepers choose memory foam pillows because they mold to the shape of the head and neck. If you want to alleviate some of the pressure on your lower back, place a pillow beneath your knees.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers should use the thinnest pillow available – or no pillow at all. If you sleep on your stomach, you are placing undue stress on your lower back. Sleeping on your side with a side-sleeping pillow is a better option. If you sleep on your stomach because you prefer to feel something pressing against your abdomen, try hugging a body pillow.

Choosing a Pillow Filling

Dolce Notte II fiber filled pillow
Dolce Notte II

Innovative materials available today have made some manufactured fibers just as comfortable as natural fibers, but more durable and often hypoallergenic. For the best of both worlds, some people choose pillows that contain a combination of natural and synthetic fillers, or they may use a firmer memory-foam pillow placed on top of a feather pillow.

Cotton-filled pillows are comfortable and are ideal if you have allergies to synthetic fillings or down. However, cotton pillows may lose their springiness and loft quicker than other types of fillings; therefore, you may need to replace a cotton-filled pillow more often.

Sahara Nights cotton pillow
Sahara Nights pillow

Down pillows provide good support with a soft and silky feel. Feather pillows contain larger feathers than down pillows do; thus, they may not be as comfortable as their down feather counterparts. A pillow with a combination filler that consists of feathers and down may be a good choice if you want the comfort of down at an affordable price. Some people may experience allergies to feathers and down.

Rice, flax seed and buckwheat hulls are natural pillow fillings that easily conform to the shape of your body. These pillows are rather heavy. When you move, the seeds make a rustling noise, which some people find quite soothing.

Memory foam pillows are made with a material that can retain its shape repeatedly. When you press down on it, the foam conforms to the contour of the weight; once the weight is removed, the foam springs back into its original shape. A memory foam pillow never loses its resilience.

Just like the memory foam, a water pillow contours around your head and neck. However, this pillow may be somewhat noisy when you change position.

Guide to Pillow Fillings and Support Levels

  • Polyester and cotton: medium to soft support
  • Wool medium to soft support: good thermal regulator
  • Down: medium support
  • Feather: firm
  • Memory foam: firm, molds to shape of your head and neck
  • Buckwheat: medium to firm support, noisy
  • Water: adjustable by altering the level of water

Roadmap to Better Sleep

Put your current pillow through the pillow test. Do you know what kind of pillow it is? Now, spend a few nights observing your own sleeping style – do you sleep primarily on your back? Side? Stomach? Pay attention to how you feel in the morning. Are you rested, or still feeling fatigued? Do you notice morning neck, shoulder or other pain? Then, use the guidelines above to help select your next pillow. With the right pillow, you may be surprised at how well you sleep and how refreshed you feel upon waking.

Bellazure Duo down and feather pillow
Bellazure Duo pillow

Quality Bed Pillows for Everyone Who Sleeps

As an experienced provider of luxury bedding for hotels worldwide, Sobel Westex has created a line of luxury pillows that offer something for every sleep style and preference. Our carefully selected and hotel-tested pillows are now available to everyone from our online boutique, Sobel at Home. Choose from a number of styles to find the pillow that provides just the firmness and support you need. Available in 100% cotton, down or advanced synthetic fiber, Sobel’s pillows also feature high thread count and attractive, durable design.  Let Sobel at Home help match your bed pillow to your sleep style and enjoy a good night’s sleep again.

New Year’s Resolution? Hint: It Should be Better Sleep

It’s a new year, and that means hope for another incredible season in your life. It’s inspiring to set forth goals and to see how hard work (or even simple changes in habits) can make them a reality.

We know you’ve got some big plans for you and your family, and that’s why we believe that the number one resolution on everyone’s list should be: getting consistent quality sleep.

We see a lot of the same New Year’s resolutions: from getting a promotion, to fitness and weight loss, to more outdoor adventures, to getting glowing and youthful skin. Having a good night’s rest more than just a couple times a week will make achieving these goals that much easier.

You’ve probably noticed that more and more studies are supporting the benefits of getting good zzz’s. It’s more than just the number of hours you need per night but truly getting the restorative sleep your body needs to replenish your energy reserves and getting rid of the toxins out of your system.

Sleep is when our bodies heal. The more rested you are, the more energy and mental faculties you’ll have to tackle life’s daily challenges.

So what’s the first step?

Optimizing your bed is the number one improvement you can make. Make your bed a sanctuary that brings comfort whenever you lay upon or even glance at it. Having a good quality mattress, pillow, and bedding will prime your body and mind for deep, restorative sleep. There is no one-size-fits-all. Customization is an important part of creating the dreamiest bed.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you a side sleeper or a back sleeper?

  2. Do you prefer a firmer pillow or one that molds to your head and neck?

  3. Do you like your bed warmer or cooler? (Tip: cooler temp is optimum, get breathable linen to prevent sweating)


Customization is available for your mattress and pillows. But unlike a mattress, upgrading your pillows and linen are easier on the wallet. Whether you have an older or newer mattress, be sure to get a mattress pad to protect your investment.


For more ideas, check out our tips to improving the quality of sleep. Have a toddler? Here are some simple tips to wrangle them into bed.

Sobel’s Dreamy Winter-Inspired Bedroom: Gray, Ivory, Blush, & Gold


Create the dreamiest bedroom this holiday season with a trend that will surely carry on to the new year. Our favorite palette (and perfect for winter) is gray, ivory, blush, and gold.

You’ve probably seen this trending palette everywhere on Pinterest, and we absolutely love it. If you’re looking to recreate a similar look and feel, just follow the links below, plus some tips and alternate inspiration to fill in the rest of your room’s decor.

  1. Bedding: Choose an ivory base like Sobel’s Ni Nights Bed Set in Ivory
  2. Comforter: Upgrade your lighter duvet for a warmer duvet insert like Sobella’s Duvet.
  3. Blanket: Finish the look with our newest Alpaca Blanket in velvety gray, perfect for chilly nights, and pups who love to snuggle.


Final Touches

  1. Pillows: There are so many options and this is one area where you can infuse your personal flare and taste. Stack at least three pillows deep for an ultra-cozy feel. Get European-size pillows and place them closest to the headboard, and finish up with throw pillows and a lumbar pillow for added dimension. For the best look, go dramatic and have one black throw pillow, others in blush with ivory/gold, and one with an eye-catching pattern. 
  2. Gold Geo Terrarium: Add dimension and texture with geometrical designs in gold. (I personally keep mine empty of plants and filled with white sand because I don’t have the greenest thumbs.) Place them on your nightstand or hang them from the ceiling.
  3. Frames: Have space above your headboard? Do a collage of varied frames in three colors: Gold, White, and Black. Give your nightstand a personal touch by adding a vintage ivory-colored frame with your favorite romantic photo.

What better way to inspire your seasonal style than a bedroom update that will not only be easy on your wallet and but easy on the eyes!

We hope you enjoy decorating your cozy, winter oasis this season. We’d love to see what you come up with; tag us on Instagram @sobelathome or #sobelstyle.

Bring Home Style with Sobel’s Alpaca Blanket


We wanted to highlight all the love we’ve been receiving from our #Sobellites for our newly released Alpaca Blankets. We hope they give you as much warmth and inspiration as they have given us!

From the dining table to the couch, and bed, my Alpaca Blanket is my go-to. It’s lightweight, durable, incredibly soft, and resistant to odors (trust me, if you have cats, dogs, or little ones, this a huge plus!). Working from home has never been this cozy.

So why is Alpaca wool the number one choice for families? 

There are plenty of options when it comes to natural fibers, but nothing comes close to the versatility, warmth, and softness of Alpaca wool. Considered one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world’ Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. What’s more is that it does not contain lanolin, unlike other fibers, which require special chemical treatment during processing. 

Now, let’s check out some of the most stylish IG maven’s, staying warm and decorating with our beloved Alpaca Blankets. 

I haven't quite started decorating for #christmas yet, but I did receive this beautiful alpaca & wool blend throw from @sobelathome a couple days ago. Along with it a code for my followers to receive 20% off site wide: SOBELLITE 💛 . . has bedding, pillows, blankets, and linens for bedroom and bath. I can personally vouch for their amazing bed pillows!!! . . Link will be in my profile today in case you want to do some #holiday shopping with the coupon code 👍🏻 . . Does anyone else store their seasonal pillows under the sofa? 😂 Also a reminder to post today for #thursdaytrays 🌿 . #sobelstyle #thursdaythrows #throwpillowthursday #brightwhitewednesday #holidaylovinhome #thursdaythrowpillows

A photo posted by Sylvia 🌸🌿🌸🌿 (@slcook52) on

The recent master bedroom mirror makeover has really changed the room already. I'm not quite ready to paint my furniture (though I've had the itch), so instead I'm restyling other spaces- like this cute little corner that needed some love. I added a gorgeous fringed throw and it instantly Fall-ized (is that a word, because it should be) the chair and made it all cozy. I love a good neutral accessory that I can move around all year long. I'm sure this will get quite a bit of use this winter in front of the fireplace. Jump on over to @sobelathome and grab one for yourself for 20% off with the code "Sobellite" at checkout. . . . #operationprettyhouse #house #home #homedecor #instadecor #homesweethome #pretty #makehomeyours #myhautehome #interior #interiordesign #design #decor #decoration #farmhousestyle #myprettyproject #cozyhometuesday #textiletuesday #textilesontuesday #lightandbrighttuesday #mytargettuesday #tuftedtuesdays #neutralhomedecor #neutral . . @socraftycreative @justalittlesparkle_ @socalpvhome @angieswreathsandmore @thegraycottage @meadowfarmhouse @gracegreydesigns, @everythingsolovely, @iheartdecorating, @downshilohroad @living5eleven @gracegreydesigns, @everythingsolovely, @iheartdecorating, @downshilohroad

A photo posted by Joy (@operationprettyhouse) on


Have your own Sobel Story? Share with us on Instagram! We can’t wait to hear from you. 





How to Keep Your Stress Levels Low this Holiday Season


Stressors during the holidays come in all forms. From the kids and their holiday school activities, endless shopping, to office parties for you or your spouse, and plenty of family get-togethers. There’s a lot of out-of-the-norm activities that will require extra planning and preparation. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy rather than stress during one of the most wonderful times of the year.

Get Lots of Sunlight

With the change in daylight savings and shorter days, it’s more important than ever to get adequate sunlight. Without enough sunlight exposure, your serotonin levels can dip to low levels and contribute to feeling the blues, leaving you with less energy and enthusiasm to tackle the work ahead. With so much to be excited for, keep your mental health at optimum by getting enough sunlight.

Don’t Overschedule

It’s important to know your limits. Be mindful of where your threshold lies when it comes to scheduling your days and weeks. Give yourself enough time in advance to get things done, and spread out the work over the course of days and weeks, rather than lumping all your tasks into one day or one weekend.

Start Early & Pace Yourself

Similar to the tip above, this is a lifesaver. Get your holiday gift shopping done early and online wherever possible. With the development of online shopping services, it’s never been easier to purchase from the comfort of your home and pick up what you need or have it delivered to your home. From groceries to home goods, take advantage of shopping and delivery apps like Instacart and Curbside.

Eat Well & Maintain Regular Exercise

I’m sure you’ve heard this year after year, but busy days mean less time for exercise and proper nutrition (in truth, it’s more challenging to adhere to when we’re feeling stressed, rather than not having enough time). The simple answer is that we often let our diets go wayside during the holidays because there is an abundance of delicious food and events that make it hard to stick to a healthy meal plan, and we, of course, want to partake in all the fun. That’s what makes the holidays great. But to keep up with the holiday tasks ahead, you need the energy. If you’re feeling exhausted, funny enough, exercise and meal portions will do the trick!


Make Time for Your Favorite Past Times

From reading to daily outdoor walks, Netflix marathons, meditation, or catching up on your favorite YouTube video tutorials, don’t forgo your past times just because things are hectic. Keep your regularly scheduled activities, or simply cushion time at the end of your day to continue these happy rituals. They’re your go-to for when the stress gets unbearable and will help you unwind and decompress.

Breathe in Your Favorite Holiday Scents

Cinnamon, hot cocoa, wintergreen, pine, and more. One of the easiest ways to soothe the mind is through relaxing, centering scents. Get your favorite holiday candle and fill the house with the smell of joy and festivities. Remind yourself that this is what all your work is about–the celebration of family.

Focus on Family

At the end of the day, regardless of whether plans work out or not, or disagreements arise because everyone is tired and exhausted, remember to focus on family. We don’t know what the new year will bring, but the holidays are moments in time we will cherish forever. The laughter, the joy, even the disappointments. Nothing good comes without a little bad. But that’s what makes it memorable. It’s okay to feel happy and sad, especially during this time of the year, just recenter and remember who you’re doing all this wonderful work for: for yourself and for your beautiful family.




Trick-or-Treat! Halloween Safety Tips for 2016


Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is only a couple days away. We want you to have the best time with the kiddos, and that’s why we’re excited to share some safety tips. These small considerations and preparations are sure to keep the terror goblins from ruining the memorable candy hunting adventure with your little Doctor’s, Superheroes, Zombies, Princesses, and more.

Tip #1: Routes Matter!

  • Always trick-or-treat with your kids or assign another trusted parent who is watching over a small group. Trick-or-treating is the most fun as a group, but that can mean less attention for each Halloweener. A good ratio is 3 kids to 1 parent.
  • Plan a familiar route, preferably in your neighborhood, where you’re more likely to recognize and know your neighbors.
  • Choose well-lit paths, and avoid isolated homes or areas that are lacking in Halloween activity.
  • Be sure to pack a flashlight. You can also purchase mini flashlights that can easily be worn on a child’s wrist.

Tip #2: Have the Safety Talk

  • From younger children to teens, give them the safety talk: practicing their “No!” loudly, and remembering the “Stranger Danger” tips you’ve discussed before. For teens, remind them to have their phones ready, to be mindful of their surroundings, and to never be talked into going somewhere.
  • Give them whistles they can wear around their neck or wrists and use if needed.
  • For younger children who can sometimes stray, it doesn’t hurt to give them a bracelet or necklace with your phone number. You can also teach them to call 911 in an emergency or in case of separation.

safety-tip-2Tip #3: Stand Out!

  • Glow sticks are super fun, and also a great way to keep your kids from blending in with the crowd. It can be hard to spot them in disguise, especially in a crowd full of other costumed children.
  • Another option is to fasten reflective tape onto costumes or bags to ensure drivers can easily spot them on the road.

Tip #4: Dress Comfortably

  • Chilly nights can lead to runny noses that could easily turn into a cold. Be sure to dress for the weather! Before heading out, check the temperature and weather conditions. Bundle up if needed, or bring an umbrella if rain is likely.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. As cute as those Princess heels can be, they are sure to end the night early when their feet gets too sore. Bring along extra pairs of comfortable shoes.

safety-tip-1Tip #5: Candy Galore!

  • Bags full of candy and treats can lead to tummy aches. Having a hearty dinner will not only ensure they have the energy for an evening of adventuring but can prevent them from overeating sweets.
  • As thoughtful as homemade treats can be, unless you know who gave the treat, we recommend avoiding them altogether. Only eat goodies wrapped in commercial packaging.

We hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween, filled with laughter and fun, galavanting with other ghouls and Superheros.

October Family Fun: Gingerbread Haunted House!


We’re back with another fun activity for you and the family.

Halloween is the perfect time to let the kids’ creativity run wild; and along the way, build traditions they can look forward to year after year. It’s family time that will leave you just as excited as the kids—nieces and nephews included!

Today, we’re building a Gingerbread Haunted House. We know what your kids are going to say when they see you pulling out the goodies for your Haunted Gingerbread House, “But aren’t gingerbread houses for Christmas?”

This is a spin on a family favorite. The best part is that you can make it as spooky as you like, and then watch a creepy-good Halloween movie. Our short-list of our favorites includes Hocus Pocus, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Monster House, and Nightmare Before Christmas. Then see if your Haunted Gingerbread House is just as spooky.

We’d love to see your creations, just tag us on Instagram @sobelathome!


Now, here’s some tips and inspiration to get you started:

  1. Expand the spookiness by adding a lawn for your gingerbread house
  2. Make soil by crumbling up a bag of Oreo Cookies (separating the middle)
  3. Cookie headstones: they sure look deliciously edible!
  4. Get a small bag of Halloween hard candy and pick out the bones, and mini-ghouls and skulls to decorate!
  5. Check out Pinterest for more fun ideas!


Best Family Activities to do in October


October is a busy month! It’s the month that truly kicks off the fall season; the first in a slew of holiday festivities. The kids have been at school for a month now, and everyone is back into a predictable schedule. So many fun opportunities to spend time with our family and give the kids meaningful traditions that they’ll back on with fond memories.

We’ve broken it down by outdoor and indoor activities. We’ll be exploring the indoor activities more indepth, so be sure to tune back in!

For the outdoor activities, make sure to check your local paper (or online) for a full calendar of activities. Most cities aim to build a sense of community with their residents and are sure to have events lined up for the whole family to enjoy!



  1. Pumpkin picking
  2. County Fair
  3. Festivals – Harvest, Books, Arts & Crafts, Wine & Beer
  4. Haunted Happenings
  5. Halloween Movies – have a weekly movie night or go to the theaters to watch the latest Halloween movie
  6. Neighborhood walks – let the kids go hunting for the perfect autumn leaves



  1. Bake your favorite fall treats
  2. Pumpkin Carving + Arts & Crafts
  3. Decorate indoors or the lawn with spooky ghouls and more!
  4. Halloween Party! Throw a party for your friends (yes, adults can have parties just for themselves) or throw one for the kids and their friends.
  5. Family photos (Indoor & Outdoor)
  6. Share a pumpkin-spiced milkshake (or pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream!)



2016 Fall Decor Trends


Looking for fall decor inspiration? Here are four of the top fall decor trends so you can kick off the coziest season of the year in style!


  1. Neutral but spicy

This year, fall decor is exploring fifty shades of neutrals. Not a bad way to start the season. Neutrals are perfect for integrating festive decor into the original design without being too bold or loud (if that’s what you’re going for). The colors are soothing and inviting, they help fill in space without looking too cluttered. Not only that, but neutral fall decor helps extend the season into winter.


  1. Layered Rugs

This is an interesting trend. What’s great about this option is that you can add dimension to your floors. Pair patterned rugs over large neutral area rugs. It’s a great way to highlight the season, without making it a permanent staple in your home’s interior design.


  1. Metallics

We’re loving the metallics this season! From glass and metallic pumpkins, to vases, and more, shiny is in. Mix and match from matte metallics to glossy and reflective.


  1. Faux Furs

Nothing is cosier this time of the year than faux fur blankets and pillows. We’re seeing faux fur pillows on everything from couches to beds, and entryway benches. They sure are making a fun and super cozy splash.


5 Ideas for an Instantly Cozier Bedroom



Nothing says cozy and warm like the gentle flicker of a candlelight. Forgo the harsh lamplights and give your room a softer glow that’s easier on the eyes. We love these heavenly candles; the internationally-inspired fragrances are pure bliss. But if you’re sensitive to fragrance, go with any fragrance-free candle. The goal isn’t the fragrance so much as it is the “mood lighting.” Forgo the harsh lamplights and give your room a calming glow.


Faux Fur

Nothing shouts cozy than those luxurious faux fur blankets. Throw it across your bed, or angled across the foot of your bed for an instant cozy feel. Amp up the look and get a small faux fur pillow to accent.


Accent Pillows

Speaking of accenting…there are so many ways to dress up your bed; one of the best ways is with extra plush pillows. You can go for a more elegant look by having everything color coordinated, or go for a more bohemian style with a mish mash of textures and designs.


Extra Fluffy Duvet Inserts

Jump into a bed of clouds with a supremely fluffy duvet insert. Nothing says cozy like a blanket you can get lost in. The kids (pets included) are going to have a blast in on these duvets! They’re perfect for those cold nights—you might even be able to nix the heater all together.

Breakfast in bed

Now that your bedroom is ultra cozy, feel free to spend a little more time snuggled in. Make a light breakfast or snack, serve on a tray, and share with the spouse and kids. Let the early morning light in by pulling your curtains back or opening your blinds, and enjoy the bliss of being in your perfect sanctuary.cozy-bedroom-breakfastinbed


Top 5 Beauty Rituals Before Bedtime!

Arguably more important than our morning beauty routine is our evening routine.

Our skin encounters a lot of stressors throughout the day, from sun exposure, to bacteria, to city grime and sweat, these environmental factors can give us tired-looking skin, and accelerate signs of aging, which include an increase in fine lines, dark spots, and less elasticity.

If you want to combat these stressors and wake up with fresh, glowing skin, then keep reading!top-5-beauty-rituals1


Step 1: Cleanse


Your morning routine likely includes moisturizer, SPF, and some amount of makeup. It’s surprising just how all of that can protect and beautify and yet, if left unwashed before bedtime, can quickly clog pores. Whether your skin is acne prone, or you’ve been blessed with blissfully accommodating skin, don’t go a night without cleansing. Pick a gentle cleanser. One that is soothing and doesn’t strip your face of essential oils.

Get an even deeper cleanse with a clay mask.


Step 2: Moisturize


Okay, so I just told you to take it all off…and now I want you to put it back on?


Yes! If you want dewy skin in the morning, pack on an ultra-dense night cream. Bedtime is the best time to nourish and heal. Pick moisturizers with lots of vitamins: A, E, and C.


Also, consider one of those ultra-hydrating wet masks. I like to use them after a clay mask to quickly pack the moisture back.



Step 3: Touch


Our skin is our biggest organ and deserves just as much attention (as our face). Even if you don’t suffer from dry skin, you’ll benefit from lathering on moisturizer. While you’re at it, massage away any muscle aches. Even better, have your partner (or your little one) do it. Studies show that we feel happy when we’re touched. Hugs and massages before bed? Yes, please!


Step 4: Put Away the Screens


Moving quickly from highly stimulating activities such as working on your laptop or browsing your phone, and then expecting our bodies to fall asleep quickly and deeply is unlikely. Find a routine that properly unwinds you and prepares your body to ease into a comfortable, soothing sleep. Studies show that it’s beneficial to unplug from any blue light-emitting devices 30 minutes before bedtime. Take this time before bed to sit still, meditate, or read a book.


Step 5: Give Your Scalp Some Love


Who doesn’t want to have long or superbly thick locks? Stimulate your scalp using your fingers or one of those metal prong-like massagers. Not only does it feel amazing (my face gets goosebumps every time!), but it’s a great way to activate the roots and stimulate hair growth. It’s also a great relaxation technique. Massage your scalp with essential oils to get an added boost.


Try these tips at home, and don’t forget to check back in for more!

2016 Color of the Year: Alabaster

If you didn’t know it yet, Alabaster was announced as Sherwin Williams, 2016’s Color of the Year. You’ve probably seen Pinterest and Instagram filled with alluring interior design splashing white on white schemes. From farmhouse, to cottage, and coastal, Alabaster is a natural white that complements not only these rustic themes, but is also inclusive of contemporary and modern styles.


Alabaster is a color that will be popular for years to come. It’s the perfect clean canvas to work with and incredibly versatile. The kind of neutral color that most of us aren’t afraid of starting with.


Paint an entire room, or color all but one wall (we hear taupe is the next season’s favorite, and would make the perfect accent wall). Alabaster invites mindfulness and creates a sense of serenity. It takes us back to simpler times before electronic gadgets and the non-stop noise of social and tech media.


Of all the colors, white bounces the most light. It’s perfect for small spaces that need help to bring more depth into a room. Not only does it give the illusion of space, but it’s an essential element to lifting mood and creating a sense of calmness, peace, and tranquility.


This natural shade of white is inviting and welcoming of all styles. It’s the perfect finish for a guest bedroom as well as a master bedroom, and complements every seasonal change. Just imagine earthy colors, from rich browns, greens, and oranges, to cooler shades of gray and navy. You can refresh your room as often as the seasons change, and with little effort!

Healthy Sleep Tips for Your Toddler

Did you know that toddlers need about 11-14 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period? It’s kind of a blessing, isn’t it? Because moms and dads themselves, need a little extra time to unwind and get quality sleep.

But if your little one is experiencing sleep troubles, there are a couple of common contributing factors. According to National Sleep Foundation: resisting going to bed, nighttime awakenings, and nightmares are the likely culprit. So here are a couple tips to make bedtime less of a battle!


Tip #1 Schedule & Routine

Much like our own body’s need for schedule and routine to signal our readiness for sleep, it’s incredibly important for toddlers. One of the best ways to avoid sleep issues is by sticking to a predictable routine, and a consistent bedtime. The earlier the better as the growth hormone is produced only in the fourth stage of sleep. Sleeping earlier gives them more time in the fourth stage of sleep to produce this hormone, which can seriously affect their growth.


Tip #2 Bedroom Environment

The less changes in their bedroom, the less likely they’ll be distracted and can focus on sleep. Try to maintain their bedroom environment, and keep it the same every night. Keep the room at a cool and comfortable temperature, and minimize any possible distractions.


Tip #3 Setting Limits

On top of having a consistent schedule and a consistent bedroom environment, having a cool-down from stimulants such as TV, iPads, and other e-screens is an important part of quieting the busy mind. For both adults and children alike, cutting off exposure to blue light as well as reducing distractions can help to ease the mind into better sleep.

Hope these tips help! And if you haven’t done so already, sign up and join us on the next post for more tips like these.


Back to School Confidence

This is an important time of the year. Say farewell to the carefree summer days and hello to the academic grind! There is a lot to plan for, from shopping for the kids’ supplies and school wardrobe, to scheduling after school activities, we know that you’ve got a lot on your plate.

For many Pre-K & elementary parents, bedwetting may still be a battle. If that’s the case, we want to do our part in supporting you. With hectic schedules and new routines, you need all the energy you can get. Getting the quality sleep to kick-start the new school year is a must.

Give your mattress added protection and extend its life by purchasing a water-resistant mattress pad. Whether you have young children or pets who love to cuddle in your bed, accidents are bound to happen. Some smells need a good wash only a machine can give; having a mattress pad will come to your rescue time and time again. Save yourself (and your bank account) a trip to the mattress store by protecting your investment.


With shorter days and lots of schedules to cater to, getting consistent, quality sleep has never been more important. It all starts with your bed. Studies show that our bodies naturally cool off when we fall asleep, and helping your body get to that lower temperature can encourage deeper, more restful sleep. Look for quality, breathable linen that wicks away moisture and keeps your body cool.

We hope you’ve had a blast this summer and start the school year rested and motivated!


3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Did you know that routines help to signal your brain that sleep is coming soon? The body loves routines. It struggles when we don’t have one or when we can’t stick to a schedule.

Here are three easy improvements you can make today to help you get the best night’s sleep!


Tip #1 Timing

Reduce your anxiety and stress by creating a predictable schedule. Try as much as possible to go to bed at the same time every night. The same goes for waking up. Even on weekends, the closer you stick to the same sleep schedule, the less tossing and turning you’ll do.

Tip #2 Turn off your Gadgets

From your TV to your phones, computers, and tablets. Studies show that the artificial “blue” light emitted by electronic screens triggers your body to produce more daytime hormones (such as cortisol). Start by turning them off at least one hour before bedtime. If that seems too hard, start with thirty minutes, and go from there.

Tip #3 Block the light!

Did you know that your skin has receptors that pick up light? We sleep better in a dark environment. Light sources, especially those bright flood lights from our backyards or streetlights can be disruptive. Get “blackout” curtains to block the amount of light in your bedroom. If that’s not enough, get a sleep mask. There are some on the market that block more than 98% percent of light!









We hope these simple ideas help you. We’ve got plenty more, so join us again on the next post to get the latest promotions, plus tips, ideas and more, and start your journey to a healthier, more rested you!

3 Reasons to Pamper Yourself

We know exactly how you feel. It’s been a long week. Whether the hours were grueling or the kind of work you do is mentally and creatively draining, it’s important to take time to care for yourself. Pampering doesn’t have to be a splurge, simply taking time out of your day to be present and in the moment is shown to be just as effective.

Pampering is more than just self-indulging, it’s an important aspect of healthy living. Here are three reasons why dedicating time to pampering yourself is a must!

#1 Boost Your Immunity 

Studies show that people who know how to comfort themselves have a better immune response to stress. From having less body-wide inflammation, to better immunity, taking the time to care for yourself is shown to have great health benefits.

#2 Your Skin Deserves It

Environmental stressors can definitely affect our skin. From outside exposures (like sun damage) to lack of sleep, your skin can be an indicator of your age (i.e. lack of care can make you look older), so take some years off by nourishing and soothing your skin.

#3 Relieve Tension

Your muscles carry tension, especially if you experience day-to-day stress. Massages can break down knots and help to detoxify your body. Get your partner or friend to swap massages, or set aside a monthly allowance for a much-needed full body massage.

Start on the road to healthy living by practicing the art of pampering!

A Healthier, More Rested You

sobelpin05It’s incredible how much time we spend sleeping. It equates to about a third of our lives, making it a cornerstone of our health. Sleep is what gives us more energy, more stamina, and greater access to our creativity.

Unfortunately, not all sleep is created equal. That’s why your bedding is one of the most valuable investments you can make. These materials come in direct contact with your skin for long hours at a time, and can absolutely influence the quality of your sleep. It’s not a luxury so much as it is a necessity. From your linen, to your pillows, blankets and more, every part is essential to getting the rejuvenating sleep you need so you can conquer the day ahead.

At Sobel, we’re committed to giving you the best night’s sleep. Update your entire bed, or upgrade one piece at a time. We recommend starting with your pillows. That’s why we’re extending our pillow sale. Extended until Sunday, July 31st, take advantage of our best-selling pillows and get 30% off. Go ahead! You deserve the best night’s sleep.

Don’t forget to sign up for our email list, so you can get the latest promotions and start your journey to a healthier, more rested you.

Pillow Talk & The Quest for Sleep

It’s been a long day. You are tucking your child into bed and they have that look in their eyes: alert and somewhat pleading. It’s the look that says they still have energy and they’re not ready for sleep.

Sound familiar?

Reading them a book could work. Perhaps a glass of warm milk. But you’re ready to try something different.


It’s time for a little Pillow Talk. Start by dimming the lights and turning on the fan or A/C. Get the room nice and cool. Fluff their favorite Sobel pillow, and tuck them in tight. With a low voice, ask a series of questions that are sure to get some interesting answers. Make it fun for you by following the thoughts wherever they lead. Let them do the work by doing most of the talking. All you have to do is listen and hear the very heart of their thoughts. The task is sure to get them drowsy.

As you wind down, use their answers to encourage them to think about tomorrow, and how tomorrow will be here the quicker they fall asleep…

Here are some fun questions you can ask:

  • What do you like most about your best friend?
  • What are you most proud of yourself for?
  • If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
  • If you saw a dragon, what would it look like? How would it behave?
  • Who is the kindest person you know? Tell me more about them.
  • What is the best compliment you have ever received?
  • Who would you give that same compliment to?
  • If you could make up your own animal, what would it look like?
  • What is something you would like to try tomorrow?
  • What is something you would like to learn or get better at?
  • Tell me about your favorite story and why?
  • Tell me about your favorite teacher and why?
  • If you could invent a game, what kind of game would it be?
  • What is one good thing you wish for your friend?

Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials
Find your perfect pool towel

With many more long days ahead of us, summer is far from over. Whether you’ve been beachside or poolside these last few weekends, or are finally making time to do so, we’ve got you covered!

Our list of beach and pool essentials will ensure you make the most of your day in the sun–and looking fabulous while you’re at it! We’ve listed out this summer’s hottest products. From sunscreen, to the best summer reads, to your new favorite beach towel: Sobel’s extra large pink and white block-striped towel. This super-soft and ultra-absorbent cotton towel doubles as a blanket. Get one for you and your bestie and you’ll be lounging comfortably and stylishly for hours.

Summer is all about making memories and modeling your inner sun goddess, but don’t forget to stay hydrated and reapply sunscreen every few hours. Everyone wants a great tan, but it’s important to do it safely, and fight the early signs of aging. Just in case the heat is extra dry, bring a couple water bottles, plus a travel sized face mist to keep your skin from losing too much moisture.


Now, get your tote bag, bikini, sandals, sunglasses, and phone (or one of those cute mini polaroid cameras) and make a splash!


Want That Pillow From Your Hotel?

I Want My Vacation Hotel Bed Pillow

Do you remember the last time you were on vacation and you had your best sleep in months? Did you wonder why the luxury hotel bed felt so much better than the one you have at home? Well, the hotel pillows probably had a lot to do with that experience. The right pillow can make your bed at home feel just like the one you remember from your vacation hotel.

Sleep Like You’re On Vacation Every Night

If you stayed at a quality hotel or resort lately, there’s a good chance the pillow you slept on was a Sobel Westex Sahara Nights pillow. That’s because we are one of the top providers of luxury hotel bedding, including pillows, to luxury hotels and resorts around the world. The Sahara Nights pillow is our best selling luxury hotel pillow, designed to put hotel and resort guests to sleep in soft comfort and support. It does not matter whether the guest is a back, side or stomach sleeper. The Sahara Nights pillow is built to be adaptable and versatile, providing support where needed and soft enough to help you relax and enjoy a restful sleep. Having the right pillow can make a big difference in your quality of sleep and comfort. Here are some qualities that make Sahara night pillows the top choice among hotel room designers as well as our retail customers who want to bring their hotel pillow experience home:

Find the Comfort and Support you Remember

The Sahara Nights pillow gives you that great support and comfort night after night because of its adaptable gel fiber fill core.  Contrary to what the name suggests, gel pillow does not mean it is filled with gel or a liquid like substance. Rather, the pillow is filled with polyester gel fibers. This pillow filling gives the pillow a soft and cushy feel while also providing the right amount of support. The filling makes the pillow soft, but firm. The gel filling also makes it easy to mold or scrunch the pillow so as to provide support where it is needed. This feature also means that the pillows do not need fluffing or shaking to maintain loft. The gel filling also makes the pillow lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Sahara Nights cotton gel filled luxury hotel pillow by Sobel Westex on hotel bed with white linens

Lasting Quality

Nothing feels better after a long tiring day at work than nestling your face into a clean, cotton covered pillow. This is the feeling you can experience with a Sahara Night pillow. The pillows have a 233 thread count, which refers to the number of both vertical and horizontal threats found in one square inch of the fabric. The Sahara Nights pillow’s relatively high thread count makes it feel soft on the skin.

Easy Care and Hypoallergenic for Healthy Sleep

The Sahara Night pillows are machine washable, allowing for easier washing. The cotton fabric and filling used in the pillows are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction to even the most sensitive people.

Get the Pillow Used by Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts worldwide use Sahara Nights pillows, and they all back the brand’s comfort and style. If you want to get a comfortable and restful sleep, just like you experienced with the hotel pillows you encountered on vacation, visit Sobel at Home’s online store and bring home a Sahara Nights pillow for unmatched comfort and a great night’s sleep.


Rest Well with Sobel Pillows


What are you resting on? It’s important to ask yourself if you are taking care of your body during the rejuvenating and repair stages as your sleep.

What you rest on can either enhance or deter your body’s natural response to muscle repair and memory consolidation. When you take into consideration your sleep’s architecture and provide yourself with quality material, your body can maximize the time it has to repair s
ore muscles and renew your energy for all of life’s activities you have planned. You must have heard it said many times, that you spend over 1/3 of your life sleeping and laying on your bed and pillows. Make sure it’s the right ones.

You can look forward to a sweet escape, knowing the you can jump into bed and rest easy. Our pillows cradle your head and supports your neck as you sleep, alleviating and preventing many forms of shoulder, back, or neck pain.  How well you sleep affects your health, both mentally and physically.

John Steinbeck once said that, “it is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.” Let your pillow be your committee and all the aches and pains of your day be refreshed by morning!

Make sure you give yourself the best possible rest you can, so you can the very best version of yourself in the morning. You have a life to live and we want to help you live it well rested!

Click here to find your pillows for the best nights of sleep ever!